Loss adjusting

We specialize in medium and large scale losses in all industries and services. We work with all types of damages and insurance.

In the settlement process, we investigate the incident, estimate the cause, extent and nature of event, also consider the policy wording and advice on Insurer’s liability.
We calculate the amount of loss, the amount of compensation and make recommendations for subrogation.

The client receives a detailed report with recommendations and conclusions of experts.

Our goal is a fair settlement. To do this, we attract highly focused professionals and conduct various types of expertise that help to determine the exact cause and amount of loss.
LABB specialists work all over the world and are always ready to support wherever you need our assistance. Our LABB.View solution allows to arrange soonest inspection via smartphone to get additional details for consideration.

Types of losses we work with

By type of damage

By industry

By type of insurance


Examples of our projects

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Loss adjusting

Падение башенного крана при строительстве торгового центра

При строительстве торгового комплекса произошло падение башенного крана, в результате чего был поврежден кран и конструкции строящегося здания. В связи с тем, что договор ...

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