Natural disasters

We successfully settle losses arising from natural disasters - storms, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, floods, inundations, hail, downpours, earthquakes, landslides, mountain falls, rockfalls, avalanches, mudslides and other natural phenomena that are not typical for a particular area.

Insurance contracts usually contain a detailed description of certain natural disasters indicating clear quantitative characteristics, as well as a list of exceptions in which the event is not covered.

We were involved in investigations and settlement of losses associated with flooding of a resort area, an avalanche at a ski resort, a warehouse collapse due to snow load, damage to power lines as a result of a hurricane and other cases.

When settling a loss of this type, one of the most important aspects is obtaining relevant certificates from meteorological services confirming the quantitative characteristics of the phenomenon that occurred. Our specialists will conduct detailed adjuster research, contact the authorities and collect necessary documents and evidence. After that, experts calculate the amount of loss, find out its causes, and also give recommendations on how to minimize it.


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Loss adjusting

Падение башенного крана при строительстве торгового центра

При строительстве торгового комплекса произошло падение башенного крана, в результате чего был поврежден кран и конструкции строящегося здания. В связи с тем, что договор ...

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