Cargo claims adjustment


We render a wide spectrum of services for independent cargo expertise.

Having a vast experience in cargo claims handling we are in a position to work on behalf of any of the transportation process’ Parties, as follows:

  • forwarder / carrier
  • shipper / consignor
  • consignee
  • cargo and/or carrier's liability insurer
  • reinsurer, insurance broker

We are ready to provide our Clients with all kinds of surveys and loss-adjusting investigations, on various kinds of cargo delivered by any means of transport, and being stored at the warehouse.

  • Quantity survey
  • Cargo count(before / during loading / trans-loading / unloading, upon discharge)
  • Cargo weight control
  • Pre-loading survey, possible damages analysis
  • Quality survey
  • Express control during loading / trans-loading and unloading
  • Delivered cargo survey at the warehouse
  • Combined quantity-quality surveys

We perform special investigations of losses, caused by:special survey

  • by the thefts during transportation including the encashment of high valuable cargo
  • damages and shortage of goods upon transportation completion

We inspect personal belongings, household goods, furniture, special surveyconsumer electronics etc. witnessed upon delivery at the new dwelling place (including international carriage).

We recommend the specialized workshops and also engage the experts in antiques and pieces of art.

We also perform pre-risk surveys of jewelry stores premises for the purpose of consideration of their compliance with safety regulations.

the following types of vehicles and packages

  • Containercontainer
  • Dry freight + High cube
  • Reefer + High cube
  • Insulated (Hot food)
  • Open top
  • Tank-container
  • Truck/Trailertrailer
  • Tilt-covered
  • Isothermic
  • Reefer
  • Platform (for containers)
  • Rail-road carrailroad cars
  • Covered wagon
  • Platform
  • All-steel
  • Motor vesseloversized
  • Bulk carrier
  • Reefer
  • Airplane

the following types of cargo

  • General cargo
  • In all kinds of containersburnt cargo
  • In transport unit loads (on pallets, w/o pallets, in octabins and/or big-bags)
  • Count goods (in crates, cartons, boxes etc.)
  • Steel products (sheet metal, in coils)
  • Liquid / bulk cargo
  • Chemical (non-hazardous) in different types of loads
  • Refrigerated cargo
  • Temperature-controlled / Perishable deep-frozen/refrigerated fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, etc.


1. Sales and utilization results analysis in order to clarify the claimed sums adequacy

2. Analysis of the Parties’ liability aspect on the basis of the internationally accepted rules and regulations and the transportation practice (including multi-modal)

3. Analysis of Insurer’s liability based on the Policy and Insurance Rules terms and conditions

  • Investigation and analysis of the circumstances and the possible causes of damages / losses occurrence
  • Consideration of the nature, extent and amount of damage / loss
  • Analysis of the transportation documents filling in adequacy
  • Analysis of information authenticity
  • Claim Notifications, notices, protests, requests issuing and distribution
  • Provision of recommendations on losses minimization and preserving of the Insurer’s subrogation right
  • Installation / removal, intactness control of transport and security seals

We also perform investigation of loss circumstances based on the detailed analysis of documentation and information available.

Upon completion of investigation we issue and provide our Principal with Desk Survey Report.

  • We perform the temperature recorders’ data downloading using only the personally owned licensed softwarethermometer
  • We check and consider the Sound Market Values on different kinds of foodstuffs as of the requested period or as of the particular date
  • We perform cargo tracking
  • We analyze Tacho Discs
  • We provide the survey information and photographs from site in real time

Whether you would have any questions regarding organizing and performing of the cargo surveys please do not hesitate to address us directly:

Eugene V. Zaraysko
Director Cargo Claims

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Business development agreement between LABB & IMT

LABB is pleased to inform that we have reached an agreement for business development with IMT company,Turkey 


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